Home-United Church of Canistota

Home-United Church of Canistota

  Weekly Schedule  and Activities
Sunday: 12/9
8:15 am Choir Rehearsal
9:30 am Worship
10:30 am Coffee
10:40 am Sunday School

Monday: 12/10
9:00 am Prayers and Squares
Tuesday: 12/11
10:00 am Communion @ Good Sam
7:00pm Nominations meeting
Wednesday: 12/12
4:00 pm New Bell choir
4:45 pm Youth Bells
5:30 pm Youth Choir
5:30 pm Jr. High Youth
6:20 pm SHINE
7:00pm Sr. High Youth
7:45 pm Adult Bells

Thursday: 12/13 
5:15 pm Prison Ministry
Friday: 12/7

6:00 am Menís Breakfast




Experiencing Godís Love and Grace in  Worship
    Experiencing God through Christian Fellowship
    Sharing Christís Love through Ministry to Others
     Sharing the Hope and Promise of Jesus
   Experiencing and Sharing Christís Principles for Life

Worship is at 9:30 am on Sunday



United Church of Canistota
(Presbyterian U.S.A. and United Methodist)
P.O. Box 188
Canistota, South Dakota 57012

Church Office Phone:
Pastor Johnís Cell Phone:  605.630.8409
Church website: www.goldenwest.net/~unitedchurch
Church Email: unitedchurch@goldenwest.net
Pastorís Email: pastor.unitedchurch@goldenwest.net

John Price, Minister
Karyn Montgomery, Administrative Assistant